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Founding: The vision for Pharaoh’s Daughter was born in February, 2011 out of a love for children and a heart for inmates. Abigail Attix shared with her mom an idea she had after seeing a television special on programs that keep babies of incarcerated mothers until they are released.  The idea took hold of Susan and would not let go.  It continues to grow and take hold of others.

Mentoring: Pharaoh’s Daughter has already begun supporting the re-entry of inmates through mentorship programs, prayer chains, and engagement with recently-released prisoners.  This is being done through a team of volunteers, each of which partners with a specific inmate (women partner with women inmates, men with men).  The volunteers become pen-pals to the inmates: discussing life choices, advising, and getting to know them — even playing chess by mail.  We have a network of inmates who correspond with our prayer team, letting people know that there is a support team outside the prison who is eager to see them succeed and to help intervene for their needs and those of their families and friends.  Upon their release, our volunteers have met with re-entrants to establish face-to-face contact and welcome them back to the outside world; dining with them and then taking them to their homes.  Contact continues through visits and mail.


Childcare: In time, Pharaoh’s Daughter plans to open a facility that will house children of incarcerated women until the mothers are released.  Our full program for the children includes nurturing care in a group-home or “family” environment.  There will be full-time staff, as well as a team of volunteers who will care for, play with, and instruct the children.  During their mother’s incarceration, every attempt will be made to establish and maintain a relationship between mother and child(ren), through pictures, letters, phone calls, and visits.  In the meantime, Pharoah’s Daughter will begin fostering children of incarcerated parents as needed.

Live-in training: The third part of our program is for prisoners upon their release.  Our transitional housing program for newly released mothers of the children already in the care of Pharaoh’s Daughter will pro­vide a 2-year, step-down program which begins with their coming to live in the same highly-structured group home with their child(ren).  During their first year, the women will not be encouraged to work offsite of the campus, but will focus their attention on their recovery from incarceration, and hone the life skills they will need to live independently while raising their children in a safe and healthy environment.  As their part of their commit­ment to the program, they are expected to participate in the entire Pharaoh’s Daughter curriculum appropriate to their situation. The various programs will include, but not be limited to substance abuse counsel­ing and accountability (AA/NA), parenting classes, career building through courses at the local communi­ty college, financial counseling, and spiritual restoration. Other classes may include, but not be exclu­sive to:  Divorce­Care, Wounded Heart, Financial Peace University, and The Captivity Series.  Also during their initial year, they will learn about cooking, shopping, nutrition, gardening, and safe and healthy relationships as they interact together, and contribute to the Pharaoh’s Daughter working community.  At the beginning of their second year at Pharaoh’s Daughter, the women will move out of the main house to a partially-independent living situation with their child(ren), but still housed on the premises of the Pharaoh’s Daughter’s campus.  During this second year, they will be expected to find employment offsite, allowing the mothers to begin taking on more autono­mous responsibility of their children, but without the concerns usually associated with being totally on their own.

Daycare: We plan to continue daycare services to the mothers once they become employed and leave our facility.  We expect this to increase the likelihood of them being able to achieve and sustain financial independence and successful full re-entry into society.