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Pharaoh’s Daughter uses two innovations beyond traditional inmate and at-risk-child mentoring approaches: leveraging the mother-child bond and mentoring two generations at once.

handsParenthood bond: Most people know a man or woman whose outlook on life changed radically when they found out that they were going to become a parent. Parenthood can be a strong motivator because you’re becoming responsible not just for yourself but also for your child. Because we catch them right during this time, Pharaoh’s Daughter mothers have extra built-in motivation to succeed – for themselves and for their child.

nosesTwo generations: Like all good child mentoring programs, we start early (at birth). Pharaoh’s Daughter children have the additional benefit of having a mom who is trained in parenting and life skills alongside them. We mentor both Mom and Baby during incarceration and for two years after release, providing a smooth transition in a loving and caring environment.